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April Mckenzie is back on HandDomination. She isn’t like the rest of the model here, she has giant 38GG juggs that helps her hand jobs to be extra special. Too bad her slave will never touch her huge tits, being attached to the bondage bench. She started stroking his fat tool until he shoot creamy cum loads all over the place and continued with stroking long after it.


I’m sure that you all guys waited for her scenes as she had that great success with her last handjob. That is the reason we brought her back only by your request. Sit back and enjoy her starting by oiling those huge pair of tits, then putting some oil on that tool also. She likes to do everything perfectly, that’s why she tied that poor guy on the bench. Now she is ready to tease him with her skills, so watch her using her both hands to satisfy that dick. She will also put her tits on it and our girl will not stop until she gets that creamy jizz all over her hands and boobs. That is exactly what she deserve and that is was she was after from the very beginning. Enjoy it! Also, check here Sara Black, another busty chick who will get her huge naturals jizz covered after a handjob.

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Dominatrix Shyla

Shyla is here for you guys on our hand domination updates. But this time she picked two studs to satisfy, and that is no wonder because this babe sure has some potential. Well for those huge melons, she needs two large cocks that’s for sure. If you need prove, make yourself comfortable and watch her rubbing two cocks at the same time and taking all the cum she can get, enjoying a rain of nasty jizz right one her huge tits.

Well, you will see how eager she is to try those two fresh cocks. The curvy blonde will drop on her knees as the cameras start to roll and will take those cock in her talented hands. Although she noticed the difference between the two cocks, she decided to stroke both of them. And she didn’t stop till she was covered in creamy loads of cum. Watch her going all the way to the balls and squeezing them as hard as she can. She cannot abstain from tasting those juicy dicks, so she will use her mouth, too. Do not miss the end. That will be truly amazing. Check it out!


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Horny MILF

Take a look at this horny Hand Domination MILF. After having a failed marriage she decided to do something about it. So she started sucking and fucking random guys. Going from bigger to even bigger cocks. Well this one sure impressed her. Watch her enjoying that cock like there’s no tomorrow and satisfying the poor guy really good, till he spews all the cum his balls hold. Sit back there and watch her in action.

The hungry blonde does not have a chance to enjoy a big cock as that one, that why she wanted to take advantage of the fact. She jumped to business and started stroking it till she was all covered in cum and then she stroked it a little bit more. That’s right, the blonde would’ve like to repeat the experience, but the guy could not get hard again as she work on his dick pretty rough and hard, as she prefers. Watch her squeezing his balls and putting her tongue on that dick for awhile. We wanted to taste it just a little, then she rubbed it once again. Cum inside and enjoy the whole episode. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by her performance.


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Melissa – Hand Domination

Hi there, people and welcome back. We brought you for this hand domination post hot Melissa. This handjob princess shows off her skills on an hard tool. Even if she is barely legal, she sure has some skills there and I’m sure you will love to see her in action. So without further due, make yourself comfortable and watch her working hard for a load of jizz.

This babe is a cuttie. We licked her from the very beginning she came at us telling that she wants to join the porn industry. She said that she is good with the hands, so this was her test: we simply gave her a hard tool. She started stroking it till she got all covered with creamy loads of cum. Then she continued torturing it this time using her metal mouth. I think that Melissa will make a good career in porn as she was as good with her mouth also, bobbing her head on that dick like a true pornstar. The taste is fresh cock made her pretty horny and we saw that as she got all wet and horny instantly. Check it out! Also, check Sierra Lynx ’s and her handjob skills.


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Kattie’s hidden skills

Hand Domination is here with a fresh new gallery. This time it’s Kate’s lucky day, she has total control over the captive cock tied to the milking bench. She enjoys teasing the curved cock using her incredible handjob skills. I’m pretty sure this gallery will make your cock hard as a rock and you will burst your pants before time as our talented girls is back on screens. Enjoy her once again.

As the cameras started to roll, the sizzling brunette put her tongue right on that cock, making it all hard and wet as she prefers. She had to taste the cocks she is taking care of first. So after that, she wraps her hand all over the hard tool and squeezing it hard, showing no mercy for it. The horny brunette goes up and down, all the way to the balls. Soon the hard tool was spewing  thick white cum everywhere. The hungry Kattie took some cum on her pretty face and on her tongue, tasting that healthy creamy jizz. Check it out! Also, stay tuned for fresh scenes, as we bring every week new or experienced girls who will entertain you with their skills. Cum and enjoy!


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A Horny blonde

This Hand Domination babe was shocked by the size of this monster cock. This black bull tool is bigger that what she was used too. She showed her incredible hand job skills wrapping both of her hands around the bull penis. The combination of foot job and hand job made it even harder. Grab a seat and watch her doing her thing.

You will see how she started pretty slowly and ended going rough on the huge tool. She milked the bull cock till she was all covered with creamy loads of cum. First she gentle touch it with her feet and hands, then the hungry blonde stroke the monster cock as hard as she could. Watch her wrapping her feet and hands around it, then going up and down just to be sure she will get what she craved from the very beginning: a big load of jizz all over her. And the skinny blonde truly enjoyed that creamy cum. Just hit that button and cum inside for the whole scene. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed by her performances. And there you will also find a great collection of pics and video starring talented babes who know how to treat a hard tool. Enjoy!


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Babe sucking glory hole cock

Hi there. Another great week and we are back with one amazing hand domination scene for all of you. Tonight one stunning blonde will enjoy a glory hole cock, sucking on it like there’s no tomorrow. The chick sure has some talent as she was around here, so do miss the cause her performance will give you wet dreams for sure. If you want to get a nice big boner, just stay around and watch her in action.

The hungry blonde was suppose to satisfy that cock using only her hands, but it seems like she was more hungry than we thought. She will starts by squeezing on that dick and on those balls also, then the amazing blonde will wrap her lips all around it, being very eager to taste a little the hard tool. She put her tongue on the had of that tool first, then she took it all into her big mouth, sucking and slurping like there’s no tomorrow. Enjoy watching her twirling her tongue around, then taking the creamy jizz all over her face, through that tight glory hole. Have fun, guys!


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HandDomination – Huge black cock

Hi there and welcome! I know how eager you were waiting for our weekly update and tonight we have a great surprise for all of you. This sizzling babe will take care of one huge black dick and beside the gallery, you will be able of watching the whole video back on our website. All you have to do is to make yourself comfortable and to enjoy her doing her thing for you.

Well, her hunger and passion for black tools is pretty clear, if you ask me. The sizzling brunette will make sure you are going to enjoy the scene, so she starts by taking off her every piece of clothing, showing off her huge tits and exposing that curvy body in all it’s glory. She will start her handjob session by touching slowly that huge piece of black meat, going up and down with her slutty fingers and getting that tool as hard as a rock. Then the hungry lady is taking it between her lips, stuffing her mouth and getting her throat gagged just for your viewing delight. Now that the cock is hard as a rock, she is starting to rub is hard and fast, then she’ll beat that defendless cock, enjoying every second. She sure loves to be rude with the cocks and now you got the chance to watch her in action. No more chit-chat. Just sit back there and enjoy her.


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Hand Domination – Busty blonde

Hi there, again! This is the perfect night for you to enjoy a blonde’s company. The busty babe is ready to tease you with her skills as she got her slutty hands on one undefended cock and now she will do some nasty things she always dreamed of. Watch this crazy hot blonde and her huge naturals getting that cock all hard and taking all the cum she can get.

There is no wonder this video is so good as far as our blonde really has a passion of making cocks suffer. You will see how she hits on that dick after she got it all hard and throbbing only by rubbing it between her palms and juggs. She will beat that cock like a true ruthless slut, enjoying that every second. I’m sure you will enjoy watching her putting the tool between her lips also and sucking on it like there’s no tomorrow. Cum inside and enjoy the whole video. There we will also have a nice collection for you. Also, check here Angelina Castro and her professional hand job.


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Blonde babe horny for cock

Hello there and welcome! Another great week and we are back with our hot hand domination scene you guys are waiting the whole week. Tonight this crazy blonde will keep you company and I’m sure you and your cock will enjoy her a lot as she took care of one hard tool and we caught every second on camera. She came around to entertain, so let’s grab a seat and let’s watch her doing her thing for us.

The horny crazy babe got her slutty little hands on that stud. She picked him up in a gas station and when she invited at her place for a cup of coffee, he never expected to get an orgasm like that. The naughty babe convinced him to let her to tie him up, saying that is only a game, but what she truly wanted was him creamy cum. I’m sure she got that in the end. Watch her rubbing that tool as the poor dude was all tied up and riding it, stuffing her tight ass and her eager wet cunt. And in the end, she finally got what she wanted: a huge load of jizz all over her hands. Enjoy!


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